myBioDiary--- a SMART Lablog every researcher should possess

All data should be treasured, no matter from FAILED or SUCCESSFUL experiments

  • Automatic Update of Inventory- unique function
  • Team management
  • Template library (Protocol and Data Sharing)
  • 24 hours access
  • Logged timestamp
  • PDF export

- Smart Search
- Daily “publication selection specials” for you

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Unique Features with myBioDiary Smart Lablog.

With myBioDiary, Sucessful rate of experiment increases+ no more Reagent Loss+ no more Data loss of failed experiments+ no more Running out stock

Only when your experiments are successful, we are successful

  • Allows storage of templates for later use
  • Automatic data transfer from "Materials" to the inventory, Giving out Stock running out ALERT!
  • Retrieve past 10 years data within a second
  • Cloud storage allows anytime and anywhere access
  • Able to read protocols and failed experiments from former members
  • No fraud record in Science

Our lablog solves all the problems. Time saved can be used for READING and WRITING more papers.

Security Concern

myBioDiary Limited is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with our privacy statement.

We do not share the lablog data you store within myBioDiary to the third parties if we do not have your permission.

myBioDiary are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud data center and Digital Ocean. The security measure by AWS could be found at

While the security measure by Digital Ocean could be found at

All communication to end-users both from and to our data center is encrypted using an SSL (HTTPS) connection.

Our Team

We believe Biomedical Scientists understand the NEEDS of Biomedical Scientists the BEST


CEO, Co-founder

Dr. Choi joined Harvard Medical School as a Postdoc Fellow. After finishing her postdoc training, she joined two biotech companies as a scientist. Her main research focus is on Cancer Biology.

Benny Chan

CTO, Co-founder

Benny is a tenured serial tech entrepreneur. During the last 10 years, He’s been operating his own startup to develop digital products and projects. In particular, he’s very experienced in web development, server management and product management.

Why myBioDiary is the First Choice?

Our mission is to increase biomedical research efficiency, thus, we have to ensure our product is a product you want to work with.

Data inherited to the Next generation scientists

Once people left your lab, it's hard to chase back the protocol, the data and the lot of the reagents. We make sure all data are inherited and translated into useful information for the lab members

Only Biomedical Scientists understand YOU

Unlike other Lablog companies, our team consists of Scientists who have been working in Biomedical Laboratories for more than 10 years. We understand the experiments you are running, from Buffer preparation to Sequencing to Bacteria modification

Support 24/7

We know Biomedical Scientist works 24/7, so do we. When you encounter any problem, drop us an email. We will get back to you asap

Lowest human error

We minimize the data you have to input to the system by 'Template pull up function' and 'Materials Inventory Transfer Function"


We support small teams who work on important biomedical discoveries,
myBiodiary is free for small teams.


/ user / month

Free for up to 3 users

  • 10 Templates Storage (per year)
  • Up to 200 Experiments (per year)
  • Complementary Inventory (100 items max.)
  • 50MB total storage
  • Automatic Back-ups
  • Mobile Access



/ user / month

for Academia

  • 100 Templates Storage (per year)
  • Up to 1000 Experiments (per year)
  • Complementary Inventory (500 items max)
  • 10Gb total storage (Extra storage could be purchased)
  • Automatic Back-ups
  • Mobile Access
  • Additional storage $25 for 10GB / yr


/ user / month

for Industry

  • 100 Templates Storage (per year)
  • Up to 1000 Experiments (per year)
  • Complementary Inventory (500 items max)
  • 10Gb total storage (Extra storage could be purchased)
  • Automatic Back-ups
  • Mobile Access
  • Additional storage $25 for 10GB / yr


If you cannot find the answer below, drop us an email through

How can I save the "protocol and the material" part as a template"?

You can save the protocol and the materials parts as a template through clicking the 'Save as template' button.

What is the function of the "Update Inventory" button in the Materials section?

Once you press the "Update Inventory" button, the amount of materials listed on your protocol will be deducted from the Inventory at the same time. Your labmates will know the real time stock of the reagents

After I click the "Update Inventory" button, there is an accident I cannot carry out the experiment, what should I do?

There is a "Cancel" button next to the "Update Inventory button". When you click it, the amount of materials will be added back to the inventory

Can I have a customised logbook?

We do not sell customised logbook right now, but you can drop us an email and let us know your need.

How can I have the access of my labmate's lablog?

The access of the lablog book is controlled by your PI. You can ask for access permission from your PI.

Can I share my protocol across groups?

We are buidling up this feature. We believe sharing of scientific knowledge helps speed up research and save biomedical scientist's time

Negative Results have the SAME VALUE as the Positive Results and should be deposited

The experiments done in the past is benefiting the current researchers

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